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Welcome to the Lillenas Drama Website!

General Information

Drama resources to be used for worship, discipleship and outreach is what Lillenas Drama is all about. If you?d like to find out more about our ministry, visit the About Us section.

Lillenas Drama is dedicated to offering a variety of resources that include not only Sketches and Plays, but also Production Resources that help with organization and preparation.

For solo artists, we offer a variety of Monologues, and we even have developed Worship Resources that have been tested in a variety of worship settings. Try also our Readers Theatre resources and plays specifically written for Dinner Theatre.

You have a passion for arts ministry, and Lillenas Drama shares your passion. Our quarterly Lillenas Drama Newsletter and monthly e-mails through the Lillenas Drama Ministry Service provide the latest word on resources, what others are doing in drama ministry, and provides you with product specials and scripts to aid your ministry.

We?ve identified the support and encouragement that networking with other artists often offers. Visit Drama Networking for a place to post your ideas, ask questions, and offer ministry advice to others.

Don?t miss out on training opportunities through our listing of Coming Events and visit for the latest word on Lillenas conferences.

Copyright Policies

Sketch Collections, Monologues, Worship Drama Library Series, Scripture & Worship Series
With the purchase of one book, permission to perform amateur productions is granted. The purchaser then has the right to make photocopies for use in a church or nonprofit organization. Sharing of the material with other churches or organizations not owned or controlled by the original purchaser is prohibited. The contents may not be reproduced in any other form without written permission from Lillenas.

The following statement must be on each reproduced copy: "Copied from [book title], by [author's name]. Copyright ? [year]. All rights reserved by Lillenas Publishing Co. Used by permission.

One-Act and Full-Length Plays
When one copy of a playbook is purchased, it is understood that it is for reading purposes only. Permission to perform is granted when a Production Pack containing scripts for the cast and director is purchased and the royalty is paid two weeks prior to performance(s). The cost for each Production Pack varies from playbook to playbook and is indicated with each listing on-line and in our catalog. Certain photocopying rights are outlined in the Production Packs for minor characters and staff.

The following statement must be on each reproduced copy: "Copied from [book title], by [author's name]. Copyright ? [year]. All rights reserved by Lillenas Publishing Co. Used by permission.

In addition, for most Lillenas plays there are Performance Royalties that must be paid prior to your performance. Click here for information.

Program Builders
Generally, with the purchase of three books of the same title, permission to make copies and perform amateur productions is granted. Contact Us for details if you have a question.

The following statement must be on each reproduced copy: "Copied from [book title], by [author's name]. Copyright ? [year]. All rights reserved by Lillenas Publishing Co. Used by permission.

Contact Us for details on making copies of Drama Topic Series books, How-To's, and Puppet Programs.

Performance Royalty Guidelines
The catalogue and this web site indicate royalty plays by including the payment as $30/$20, $15/$10, $10/$5 and sometimes one flat rate such as $30 or $15. The first number indicates the fee for the first performance while the second number is for subsequent performances within the same run. If there is only one fee listed, it is the fee for every performance.

Fees are not dependent upon admission charges. Any time a royalty script is performed in front of an audience, a royalty payment needs to be made. Royalty fees should be sent two weeks before your performances. Mail the payment to: PERFORMANCE ROYALTY OFFICE; Lillenas Drama Resources; P.O. Box 419527, Kansas City, MO 64141. All royalty fees quoted are for amateur performances. Professional companies must contact Lillenas for a royalty schedule.

Contact Us

We love to hear from you! Whether you have a question to ask, an idea to share, or you just want to tell us how you feel about one of our resources, please visit our Contact Us section or e-mail us Feedback.

Thank you for visiting Lillenas Drama!
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